About Me

iStock_94664019_XXXLARGEHi, I am a gaming enthusiast who loves to play games almost every day of the week and on more thrilling days I enjoy having fun as a professional gamer. In the past few years, I have played various games on a variety of platforms, ranging from easy to complex.

Confession: “I am very adventurous in my gaming pursuits”

But there was always something that used to interrupt such pursuits – my gaming chair. I had made bad choices when it comes to buying a gaming chair. The harsh consequences were really terrible for me. I had developed constant backache and my stress levels had increased. I could no more feel comfortable in my gaming style and my eyes were mostly teary due to these circumstances. Well, in short, I have known the struggles, pains and, frustration in this journey of gaming. But now I have come to appreciate my struggles, for these struggles and pains allowed me to develop great insights and knowledge about good and bad versions of gaming chairs.

In fact, it had become a high-point in my life when I started to realize my special capabilities regarding knowing the difference between good and bad gaming chairs. Back then, I had got no real help from online sources, since there were not many and reliable reviews out there. It instigated me to launch a website, where I could share the best knowledge about gaming chairs with other gaming enthusiasts who struggle with these decisions. As I myself have known these struggles and pain of choosing the best gaming chair, I wanted to facilitate other gaming professionals.

This desire to help others and save them from making a bad purchase decision motivated me to embark on a mission to offer my readers trusted advice, reviews and informative articles about best gaming chair brands. So I teamed up with industry experts and few other gaming professionals to launch this website as the biggest knowledge-base about gaming chairs, gaming desktop, gaming desk, gaming monitor etc.


Together, we started to offer reliable information on different gaming chair brands according to different gaming needs of professional and the initial feedback was breathtaking. Till now this journey of sharing the best knowledge with my readers is purely amazing for me. The kind response from readers charges my spirits 100x and motivates my team of experts to put in more efforts and bring excellent reviews.

For all my readers who have been asking about my other hobbies, I would simply say I am a gadget person. I feel entertained and relaxed as long as I am surrounded by gadgets, especially my gaming devices.

Frank Kenny