Best gaming chair comparison with gaming chair prices

A tough competition is going on between different gaming chair models, which have made it difficult for the gamer to choose the best one. Some gaming chair models are either best in design or comfort level while some are best in technology. So, it’s better to consider the pros and cons of a model and gaming chair prices, before finalizing any model.

X Rocker 51259-Compatibility devices PSP Vita, PS2, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, IPOD, IPAD, IPhone


There are several models in the market, which are quite popular among the gamers. However, X rocker 51396 and X rocker 51259 are the top two models which are considered as the best among all the other models currently available. These two models have some incredible features, which sometimes makes it difficult to choose between these two top rated models.

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Wireless Gaming Chair

 X Rocker 51396 Pro-Built-in radio wireless receiver and included wireless transmitter work with any source with RCA stereo outputs


Everyone agrees with the fact that X rocker is the leading manufacturer of gaming chair for the past few years. X rocker is one of the few super models released by the company, which has helped X rocker to rule the gaming industry.

This model is popularly famous for its comfort, design and sound quality. This model comes with faux leather padding which is responsible for a comfortable sitting. Apart from the comfortable sitting, this model is also equipped with advanced technology as it supports wireless connectivity and 2.1 AFM technology which boosts the sound performance.

You can connect this model with different devices and enjoy a superb sound performance as two powerful stereo spears are placed in the headrest area and one sub-woofer is placed in the lower part of the chair.

A user can easily operate this model as it comes with a control panel. You can easily adjust the sound volume, bass level, sub-woofer and other major functions of the chair directly from the control panel.

 X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Wireless Gaming Chair

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3-Additional vibration motors sync with the bass tones to enhance your full body experience


Gaming chair prices are one of the most important factors, which must be considered by every user before making a purchase. This model is one of the costlier models currently available, but is still among the leading sellers because of its mind blowing features.

In terms of comfort, this model is far better than X rocker 51396 as it comes with an extra layer of high quality foam padding, which allows the gamer to enjoy a gaming session in the most comfortable manner.

This model also comes with powerful stereo speakers and subwoofers, which offer a superb sound performance. Moreover, vibration motors are being used which is responsible for creating a real life environment during gaming. It further helps the gamer to enhance his gaming skills as a gamer starts to feel the game, which directly improves decision making.

 Final Word

These are the top two models and X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Wireless Gaming chair is a step ahead of X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Wireless Gaming Chair as it supports some superb additional features such as vibration motors, which helps the gamer to enhance their gaming skills.

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