How to connect X rocker X pro 21 to X box one and what is the best gaming chair?

X pro series is the most advanced series of X rocker gaming chairs. The features included in the pro series are available in limited gaming chairs only. With such incredible features, the pro series gaming chairs are expensive than other chairs but its features are worth paying an extra price.

One of the most commonly asked question is what is the best gaming chair?. A perfect answer to this frequently asked question is X rocker X pro 21 gaming chair because someof its amazing features. Let’s have a look at some of these features.what is the best gaming chair

Connects with multiple devices and chairs

  • This chair can be easily connected with multiple gaming consoles and gaming chairs. It is compatible with X box, Play stations, PC’s, Televisions, iPads, iPods and with many other devices.

It believes in wireless technology

  • One of the key features of this chair is that it believes in wireless technology. This chair can be easily connected with devices which use wireless technology such as iPads, iPods and much more. However, devices which do not have wireless technology can also be connected with this chair with the help of cables.

These are some of the key features of X rocker pro 21 gaming chairs which leave no doubt in user’s mind to know what is the best gaming chair’.

Method to connect X box one with X rocker X pro 21 gaming chair

X box one uses a HDMI cable for providing video and audio effects. It doesn’t have wireless technology for connecting with devices. So, you need to connect it with the X pro 21 gaming chair using cables only.

For establishing a connection, you will require a set of audio cables, connectors and an adapter. These items are easily available in the market as well as in online stores. So, do collect these items before starting the procedure of establishing a connection. Let’s have a look at the procedure to connect X box one with X pro 21 gaming chair:

X box one with X rocker X pro 21 gaming chair

Connect the cables

  • Unplug the audio cables of X box already connected in TV and plug it in the control panel of the chair using barrel connectors. You need to unplug the red and white cable only. Do not unplug the yellow cable i.e. video cable.

Connect the adapter

  • The next and final step is to connect the adapter. This adapter is responsible for providing power so that you can enjoy the ultimate sound experience which will further provide an amazing experience. So, connect this adapter in the gaming chair.

Connect the adapter

This is the simplest method which can be used to connect the gaming chair with X box one. If you are still not able to connect it using the method mentioned above then take help of X rocker reference guide which is provided with every chair. After taking help of reference guide, you are still finding it difficult in establishing a connection then contact the X rocker customer support service. They will direct you step by step and make sure you have connected your X box one with X pro 21 gaming chair.

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