How to set up X rocker gaming chairs to X box 360?

Gaming ChairsGaming chair plays a vital role in providing an amazing game experience. Moreover, it takes care of the user’s health which makes gaming chair a popular asset among the gamers. There are several manufacturers who designed these chairs but X rocker is the only one which has gained immense popularity and is considered as the best manufacturer of this popular gaming asset.

X rocker gaming chairs are much ahead than other chairs of different manufacturers in terms of technology, comfort level and in every single element of the chair. Gaming chairs manufactured by this company take complete care of the health of user and makes sure he does not have to suffer any health problem during gaming.

After purchasing a gaming chair, the first thing you would like to do is to connect it to your PC or X box 360. Let’s have a look at the procedure to set up X rocker gaming chair to X box 360.

Unplug the cables

  • If you have already connected X box 360 with your TV, then you need to unplug the audio cables. You need to unplug the red and white cables connected to the television with your X box.

Connect cables according to the chair type

  • There are several models of X rocker gaming chairs and each model comes with a different control panel. Along with every model, a pair of audio cables is provided which needs to be connected in the control panel of the chair. You need to connect these audio cables in the right slot in the control panel of the chair.
  • A reference guide is also provided along with the chair, so read the instructions carefully before plugging in the audio cables.

Connect barrel connectors with audio cables

  • The next step is to take out the barrel connectors provided along with the chair and connect the audio cables in it. Now take out the audio jacks which you unplugged from the television in the first step and connect them with these barrel connectors.


If you follow this method, then you can easily set up X rocker gaming chair to X box 360 and start availing its benefits. The next time when you will play a game on X box 360, the sound effects will be coming from the gaming chair instead of the television. The ultimate sound quality of the gaming chair will provide you an amazing gaming experience which will help you in enhancing your gaming skills.X Rocker Gaming Chairs

An X rock gaming chair can also be connected to Play Station 3, X box one, PC, television and with several other mediums that produce sound. The procedure for connecting the gaming chair with these mediums is almost similar as there is only a difference in the size and jacks of audio cables.

The other method of connecting the cables remains the same. So, follow this method for connecting your X rock gaming chair with TV, X box, play stations and with other mediums with ease and comfort.

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