Pros and Cons of Buying a Cheap Video Game Chair

Cheap Video Game ChairThere is a lot of difference in buying a bad quality product and cheap products. It is not necessary that every cheap product is a bad quality product as there are several high quality products available that are available at a very low price.

Everyone is familiar with the concept of gaming chair as it has brought up a new revolution in the gaming industry. A gaming chair has numerous benefits, but its only major drawback is its price.

However, you can also purchase a cheap video game chair and avail maximum benefits of this popular gaming equipment. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of a gaming chair, which will help you to decide whether to buy a low budget gaming chair or not:

Pros of Buying a Cheap Gaming Chair

Compatible with different gaming consoles

A low budget is compatible with all the gaming consoles and can also be connected with TV, MP3 players and other sound devices. Moreover, these chairs do not compromise in the comfort zone, which makes it a suitable option for the gamers.

Easy portability

These chairs are usually light weight and come with foldable feature, which makes portability easy. Foldable feature allows the gamer to easily move the chair from one place to another and store it.

Cons of Buying Cheap Gaming Chair

Advanced gaming features are missing

A low budget gaming chair will never offer all the features. Some advanced features such as gunstock arms are missing in these low segment chairs, which might be a disappointment for some gamers.

Normal sound system

Like top quality chairs, cheap video game chair does not come with a power packed sound system which includes powerful stereo speakers and sub woofers. However, sound system varies on different brands as there are some manufacturers which provide stereo speakers in low segment gaming chairs.

These are some of the major pros and cons of a low budget chair and its pros definitely overcome its cons. We have come up with some best picks in the low budget segment, which will help you to buy the best model in this category.

cheap video gaming chair

X Rocker Extreme III Video Rocker

This model is available for $90 only and has 2.0 stereo speakers which boost the sound quality. Moreover, this model comes with an ergonomic design which has helped this model to gain 4.1 customers rating out of 5.0.

Cohesion XP 8.1 Gaming Chair

You only need to pay $63 to get this stylish gaming chair. Some striking features of this model are superior quality padding system, wireless receiver and battery enabled. No other model offers such mind boggling features for just $63, which makes it the best model in the low budget category.

ABC Life Style Furniture Video Rocker

Another top quality product in this category is ABC Life Style Furniture Video Rocker model. This model is made up of hardwood frame and superior quality foam padding, which offer the best comfort to the gamer.

These are some of the best cheap models currently available in the market. So, consider these models if you are planning to buy a low budget gaming chair.

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