How we test gaming chairs and others we tested?

Test gaming chairs

With the coming up of gaming chairs, the gaming experience has reached a new level. Earlier, people use to enjoy their gaming session by sitting in a couch or ordinary chair. A couch or an ordinary chair will never allow you to enjoy a long gaming session.

Your back will start hurting after sometime if you are continuously sitting on a couch or an ordinary chair. But now, with the coming up of this popular gaming equipment, people can enjoy a long gaming session without any strain.

If gaming is your passion, then you need to buy a gaming chair for an ultimate gaming session. A gaming chair will not put any strain on your back. With the inclusion of head rests, arm rests and leg rests, you can easily enjoy a continuous long session with best sitting comfort.

Now the question arises, “Which is the best gaming chair in the industry”? It is not that simple to hit the game shop and buy this new gaming equipment. A wide variety of models are available in the industry, which offers unique features. If you think customer reviews will help you in deciding the best model, then also you will get confused. There are plenty of models in the industry, which has achieved a customer rating of 4.5 or more.

To make your job easier, we currently tested some of the top models in the industry. As expected, X rocker gaming chairs were far better than other top rated chairs in most of the categories. Let’s have a look at the different categories, on which the performance of the chairs was being judged:


The motive of this gaming equipment was to provide the best sitting comfort along with some new gaming features. All the top rated brands were better than the other in this category. Quality leather padding and adjustable arm rests, head rests and leg rests makes it easy for the user to enjoy a comfortable sitting.


Design of a gaming chair plays a vital role in deciding the comfort level. Most of the X rocker chairs come with ergonomic design, which is considered as the best for this gaming equipment. An ergonomic designed chair will make sure no extra strain is put on the user back regardless of the user’s sitting position.

Sound quality

Sound quality

After the sitting comfort, the performance of this commonly used gaming equipment is judged on its sound quality. Most of the chairs available in the industry come with multiple speakers along with a sub-woofer.

However, among all the top brands X rocker proves out to be the best in the category. Chairs from this brand come with 2.1 surround system, which takes the sound performance to a new level. Because of the powerful sound system, chairs of this brand can be used for multiple purposes such as watching TV, listening music and many more.


  • Portability is another major factor, which helps in deciding which model is the best. If you look at the latest models arrived in the industry, then you will notice a new feature ‘Folding’. Yes, now the chairs come with folding features, which makes it easy for the user to store this equipment.
  • Users can fold the chair after the gaming session and store it in the cupboards or other place. This feature has helped the user to enjoy the ultimate gaming session and that too without occupying the maximum space in the room.


These are the major categories, on which we tested the top models of different brands. Different brands were better in different categories, but X rocker was the only brand, which give a tough completion to other brands in all the categories. Hence, if you are looking for the best chair in the industry, then you should look out for the wide collection of XRocker chairs.

How the gaming chairs were tested?

To test the performance of the gaming chairs, we first installed a steering wheel with the top models. In order to get the desired effect, we also installed a 24’’ HD screen, which raised the level of gaming experience. In order to test the true potential of the chair, we had a gaming session of continuous eight hours.

The X rocker gaming chair was extremely comfortable during the eight hours of ultimate gaming chair experience. The connection was not interrupted even for a single second, which ensures better connectivity and computability. Moreover, all the players who tested the chair were not in any kind of pain after the long hours of continuous play.

Another reason, which makes X rocker as one of the best brands in the gaming industry was its sound experience. With the inclusion of 2.1 surround system, the sound generated from the chair was quite powerful. The sound effect was too powerful that it seems like a real life experience.

Final Word:

Before heading out to the market to buy a product, it is better to do your homework. If you know which product you need to buy, you can save your precious. Rather than looking for the different models and getting confused which model is the best, you can simply place the finger on the selected product and purchase it without wasting any time.

Similar is the case with buying the most commonly used gaming equipment these days. X rocker is currently the best brand in the gaming industry. So, rather than wasting your precious time in looking for the chairs of top brands, you should simply look out for the X rocker collection. You can also take help of the internet to find out all the models from this brand and shortlist the selected models.

Gaming chairs from this brand might be a little expensive than the other brands, but its smooth performance and comfortable sitting will make your day. Overall, if you invest your money in this brand, then you will definitely get the best output for it. So, hurry up and get your favourite gaming chair home.

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