Top 5 features of high back computer chair

It is not at all easy to do full justice to the desk job, as an employee needs to spend a lot of hours sitting on the desk and complete the work assigned to him. Sitting continuously for hours, might affect the employees’ health as it can lead to severe back problems.

So, a computer chair is required for employees as it allows them to sit continuously for hours without affecting their health. While purchasing a high back computer chair, you should look for features like lumbar support, back rests, design and many other features, if you wish to purchase the best one.

high back computer chair

Lumbar support

Lumbar support is responsible for supporting the lower back of the person and prevents muscle stiffness. A computer chair with a lumbar support will allow the employee to easily maintain any position and that too without putting any extra pressure on the back muscles.

Lumbar support in the computer chairs is located at the bottom of backrests and consists foam padding or fabric padding. So, always look out for the lumbar support in a computer chair as it will allow you to comfortably work for long hours.

Wheel base

A computer chair either comes with a wheel base or with legs. A legged chair is not at all easy to move as it requires more force to push toward/away from the desk. A high back computer chair with a wheel base can be easily moved as you do not need to imply a huge force. However, while purchasing a chair with wheel base make sure that it consists of five casters. These casters will allow you to easily push the chair across the carpets.

Swivel action

A computer chair which does not have the ability to swivel 360 degrees will force the employee to twist his upper body to reach an item placed on a desk. These small repetitive movements will slowly damage the tissue, which will cause severe trouble for the employee in the future. So, it’s better to purchase a chair that has ability to swivel 360 degrees as you can simply turn the chair to pick up the item, rather than turning the neck or upper body to reach for it.

high back computer chair

Backrest, Seat Pan and Armrests

To ensure the employees comfort, an organization should prefer to buy computer chairs with height adjustable backrest, seat pan and armrests. These chairs will allow the employees to adjust the seat according to their height, which will result in better comfort.


Backrest width should be in between 12 and 19 inches and should also come with a lockable feature for better stability.

Seat Pan

A seat pan should be 17 to 20 inches in width. For adjusting the correct height of a seat pan, an employee should set the seat pan height at the same level as the keyboard is placed. SO, while purchasing a chair, do check out the chair height settings.

These are some of the major features which must be thoroughly checked before purchasing any computer chair model.

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