X Rocker Pro Pedestal 4.1 Wireless Gaming Chair Review

X rocker is the leading manufacturer of gaming chairs and has released some amazing models that were above the expectations of a gamer. X rocker Pro Pedestal 4.1 wireless gaming chair is one such top model released by the company, which supports some incredible features.

X Rocker 5125401 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Audi Pedestal Video Gaming Chair

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Product description

X rocker has received a tremendous applause for this superior quality model because of its sleek design. This gaming chair model is made up of wood and metal frame which is responsible for longer durability. Everyone is familiar with the fact, that a gaming chair provides a comfortable sitting experience and this model uses fire retardant foam which not only provides an extreme sitting comfort, but also keeps the chair from the heat factor.X Rocker Wireless Pro Series Video Rocker with Vibration 5131901

Product specifications

This model can work with a wide variety of devices as it is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, MP3/DVD players, home theatre systems, PSP and many other media devices. With 4 powerful stereo speakers and a sub-woofer, a gamer can easily expect a superb sound quality performance which will further enhance the gaming experience.X Rocker Wireless Pro Series - Compatible with XBOX, Playstation, PSP, Wii, MP3/CD/DVD, home theaters and more

Moreover, AFM technology is also used which is responsible for connecting the vibrations with the audio that allows the user to feel the music. This model is recommended for the gamers whose age is 10 years or more.

X rocker Pro Pedestal 4.1 wireless gaming chair

Product Guarantee

X rocker provides a 90 day warranty with this model. You can also return or exchange the item within 30 days of purchase, in case you have received a damaged product. For more information regarding the guarantee and return policy of this model, you should either read the product manual or visit the manufacturer service centre.

Customer rating

This power packed model has 4.7 customers rating out of 5.0, which clearly tells its popularity among the gamers. The main reason behind the high customer rating is its superb performance, spectacular sound quality, and comfortable sitting and AFM technology. Moreover, you only need to pay $$ to enjoy such incredible features, which has also helped the model to gain high customer rating.

With such powerful specifications and sleek design, this model is the best option for hardcore gamers a they can enjoy a better gaming experience and that too for long hours. Apart from this super model, let’s have a look at some other popular models released by X rocker:

Wireless X rocker Pro series 5131901

X Rocker Wireless Pro 5131901

This model also offers a comfortable sitting because of the use of fire retardant foam, but is not able to match the sound quality of X rocker Pro Pedestal 4.1 wireless gaming chair as it comes with 2 stereo speakers and sub-woofer. However, this model is priced for $189 only, which makes it a useful option.

X Rocker Spider 2.1 Wireless Game Chair 51092

X Rocker 51092 Spider 2.1 Gaming Chair Wireless with Vibration

This model supports vibration motors which enhance the gaming experience. Moreover, this model can be easily folded and carried to a different place with ease, which has helped this model to gain a massive popularity.

These are some other popular models released by X rocker, but no model can match the performance of X rocker Pro Pedestal 4.1 wireless gaming chair.

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